Vision & Strategy

At present, there is not enough information about what is working to improve the well-being of those in need and about the cost-effectiveness of successful programs.  We believe that this information, and a value-driven approach to funding and operating efforts to help those in need, will yield lasting improvements in more peoples’ lives with existing resources and hopefully additional resources.  We envision a world in which donors are able to fund improvements in the lives of individuals that the supplier (or a third party) verifies are actually realized and valuable to the recipient.  In certain cases, if minimal improvements were not realized, the donor has the option to recover a portion of her funds and re-direct them to another cause.  Learn more about our vision.

To further this vision, we aim to establish a marketplace in which funders and other social investors can obtain information about the actual cost of obtaining a successful meaningful improvement in the life of identifiable people so that good results are funded and tracked (and, in where appropriate, even guaranteed).  Learn more.  We believe that such marketplaces can be a good way to ‘provide the greatest good to the neediest people at the least cost and risk’.

SMI believes that SROIs on currently funded charitable and social programs are too low.  For human assistance projects the current relationship between SROIs and amounts of funded projects looks like the solid line in the chart shown below.  We estimate this would shift to the dashed line if SROI information were regularly requested to inform donation decisions – and eventually to the dotted line because additional giving would result.

Our Services and Clients

We perform research and development to help our funders and service suppliers identify best ways to measure and optimize the benefits they create for the poor.

Learn more by visiting pages dedicated to our Funder Services and Services to Non-Profits and Social Enterprises pages.