Teaming With Other Organizations

We recognize that we are working in fields that are dynamic and that SMI is just one of many contributors to the impact evaluation field and other fields in which we work.  We recognize and applaud the good work of other organizations who aim also to inform wise giving and operational decisions, including, for example:

  • Individuals at foundations and nonprofits responsible for monitoring and evaluation
  • Service suppliers committed to creating significant value for disadvantaged and poor clients
  • Other organizations examining social benefits to cost ratios
  • Other charity evaluators, including those examining and reporting the ratio of overhead and fund raising spending to program expenditures
  • Strategic consultants and advisors to non-profits and donors
  • Members of the press reporting on developments in value-driven philanthropy and program evaluation

We are determined to be a good, independent, cooperative team player in the fields in which we work.  We also are determined to be aware and forthright regarding our own comparative advantages and limitations relative to other organizations in doing certain work.

At present, we have long-term relationships with two organizations which partner with us on projects where their expertise is relevant.

The Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives (CTSI) supports strategic initiatives intended to improve the practice of transforming public service organizations and federal and state governments.

Millennium Institute is a service supplier organization promoting systemic thinking and dynamic modeling tools to attain sustainable development worldwide.