Supplier Services

SMI works with service suppliers to help them track and maximize the value they create for those in need.  For us, suppliers include charities, social enterprises, recipients of impact investment, corporate social responsibility programs and other suppliers of beneficial results for the disadvantaged, including the poor themselves.  We perform the functions below so they are equipped to measure and optimize the Social Return on Investment/Donation (SROI) of their programs.  SMI offers to do the following work at very low cost and in some instances for free.

  • Measure and Value Results

We assist suppliers in framingestimating, and improving the value their programs create for beneficiaries relative to cost and risk. We also work with suppliers to find cost-effective ways to monitor and evaluate the benefits their programs actually generate for ultimate beneficiaries.  Learn more.

  • Optimize Results

SMI collaborates with suppliers to increase the value beneficiaries realize from their services or programs relative to costs and risks and to reduce the odds of non-success. Learn more.

  • Connect Programs to Funds

SMI helps suppliers develop credible SROI-based requests for funds that show funders the likely value beneficiaries will realize for the amounts requested.  Learn more.

We also offer to help connect highly effective programs to funders through our Charity Evaluation services.  Learn more.

  • Design/R&D

We work with suppliers to research best methods and programs for addressing particular needs of the disadvantaged.  We design monitoring and evaluation plans to obtain information about program effectiveness relative to costs and risks and to improve program productivity.  Learn more.