Sample SROI Evaluation


A typical SROI Evaluation, which SMI champions and produces, has the following content:

  • “A organization proposes to use $B to help C individuals earning $D,000 per year with a risk- and share contribution-adjusted SROI of E:1 over the next 10 years, thus creating ($B times E) in value from the requested contribution.”
  • “It will use the funds to do F.  If fully successful, the program could create gross value of G.  The main risks of non-success are H.  We have minimized them by I.  As a result, the odds of success are J%.  A’s fair share of the value created is J%.
  • “To achieve the results, major inputs of K by other organizations and donations of L other resources to A are assumed. ”  We will determine whether the value was actually created by M.”

Items A to M will be inserted for each donation funding request.

SMI rates the proposed request as a _______(Ideally a ‘Strong Give’)
We think it will have an SROI of_______ to individuals earning $______ a year.
The project attains this SROI by doing_________.
The major risks are _______. Our attitude toward these risks is________.
Options for increasing this SROI are________.