Portfolio Advisement

SMI offers to help create or manage a portfolio of donations with the explicit goal of optimizing and tracking the portfolio’s social return.  We will help clients identify high SROI giving opportunities (learn more), make arrangements to measure final results realized by beneficiaries, and work with recipients of portfolio funds to try to optimize their productivity.

The DMPE Foundation (DMPE), an organization affiliated with SMI, is in the process of setting up an SROI optimization fund, called the Success Fund (S Fund).  DMPE will establish the S Fund using pooled donations and will serve as a fund manager/co-manager, receiving donations and distributing them to a diversified portfolio of thoughtfully chosen charities.

Terms and conditions will be negotiated with recommended charities in an attempt to incentivize them to provide SROI information (inexpensively) and find ways to optimize the value created for the poor.  Funders will be provided regular reports on program benefits, costs and risks.

SMI may support this fund by providing SROI assessment, consulting and other services, as needed.  Funders interested in participating in this initiative to give in a more value-driven, business-like way with part of their giving are invited to contact DMPE to learn more.

The Chart below plots our estimates of the SROIs for most human assistance charities.  We base this estimate on our experience evaluating dozens of charities over the last decade.  Most charities are probably doing well at $2 to $5 in valuable outcomes created for the poor per funding dollar.  A small subset is doing much better, with SROIs greater than $10 to 1. We look for the latter, represented in the graph below by a dotted red line.