Transparency Policy

SMI wants to ‘walk our talk’ and, as a public charity, be transparent regarding the key information items that we suggest that most charities provide to both donors and larger society.  Learn more about our Transparency Policy and our efforts to adhere to it.

Conflict of Interest Policy

SMI is committed to limiting any potential conflicts of interest that might interfere with our ability to evaluate charities fairly and independently or otherwise to advance the cause of the poor.  SMI will disclose any material potential or actual conflicts of interest.  Current possible conflicts of interest include:

  • SMI’s work has, to date, been closely tied to the independent work of the DMPE Foundation. This Foundation is led by Dr. Colvin and his wife.  The DMPE Foundation has been active, as a funder, in all areas SMI is currently working in and, in terms of the SMI experience base, can be rightly considered the research and practical implementation predecessor to SMI, as well as a related organization.  The DMPE Foundation believes in the same principles SMI has expressed here and has adopted them for its own giving.  Information on DMPE Foundation’s SROIs and quantified objectives are available on request.
  • To date, SMI has earned small amounts of money from doing high value SROIs or strategic plans for Literacy New York, the Millennium Institute (MI), and Razoo, and it has been given funds by Dr. Colvin’s parents and former business partner.  SMI is in the process of helping MI develop a project proposal.  If SMI evaluates this proposal for consideration by third parties, it will disclose this relationship.
  • Information on the DMPE Foundation’s Board of Directors and other related information is available from our Form 990 submissions or can be provided on request.

Privacy Policy

Success Markets, Inc. believes that the responsible use of personal information collected through its website is critical to our business objectives and reputation, as expressed in our Privacy Policy

Fee for Service Policy

SMI will accept fee-for-service arrangements as long as our SROI is unusually high, our fees are substantially below market, and our tax-exempt goals are furthered.  While we feel free to evaluate groups from which we previously have received analysis or consulting fees-if we make this information known - we will not do this in the future.

Stage of Research Policy

We will work to distinguish between well-thought out ideas and tested applications of them and conjectures we think are worthy of examination and will clearly label items that fall in the latter category when we display them.  We see our role in the domains in which we work as that of a research and development firm that seeks to advance well thought-out and tested (but not necessarily widely accepted) approaches and also designs and tests new “prototype” approaches that might improve on current practices.

Flexibility Policy

SMI is aware that the field we are working in is changing rapidly.  If we determine that positions we have championed or tried are not helpful we intend to change our position on them quickly.