People & Partners

SMI is led by President and Founder Dr. Terry Colvin.  SMI has a close association with the Center For Transformation and Strategic Initiatives (CTSI), a strategy consulting organization, and the Millennium Institute (MI), a service supplier organization promoting systemic thinking and dynamic modeling tools to attain sustainable development worldwide.      

Our People

Dr. Terrence Colvin
President and Founder

Terry Colvin founded Success Markets, Inc. in 2004 and DMPE Foundation, an ongoing predecessor organization, in 1994.  He serves as President of both organizations.  Before this, Terry performed cost benefit analyses for high level U.S. Government clients for over 40 years. He founded Synergy, Inc. a public policy consulting firm in Washington DC which he led for 35 years.  Synergy helped its government clients raise very large amounts of money and significantly improve the productivity of both operations and support functions.  A core competency consisted of doing quickly evolving rapid prototype analysis for decision makers.

At its peak, Synergy had 250 employees and $25 million in annual revenues.  In 2005, Synergy was sold to ICF International.  In addition to several jobs in the US Government, at the IMF and elsewhere, he worked in the White House twice (at the Council of Economic Advisors to the President and at the Office of Management and Budget).

He was a Graduate Associate Professor of Economics at Howard University.  Mr. Colvin holds a Ph.D. in economics from MIT and a B.A. from Middlebury College.

Key Partnerships and Affiliations

The DMPE Foundation

SMI is closely connected with DMPE, a private foundation formed by Dr. Colvin in 1994.  The DMPE Foundation is implementing many of the approaches presented in this website to identify high SROI opportunities for its own giving.  It is evaluating charities as part of this process.  It shares the results of these activities with SMI for its independent use. 

DMPE intends to set up an SROI Optimization Fund using pooled donations and will serve as a fund manager/co-manager, receiving donations and distributing them to a diversified portfolio of select charities.  SMI may support this fund by providing SROI assessment, consulting and other services as needed.

The Center for Transformation and Strategic Initiatives (CTSI).

SMI has a long-standing very close relationship with CTSI, a strategy consulting organization. All of the resources of CTSI can be brought to bear on engagements SMI is involved in, especially for strategic planning.

The Millennium Institute (MI)

Millennium Institute (MI) is an independent and non-partisan service supplier organization committed to promoting systemic thinking and dynamic modeling tools to help governments and agencies attain sustainable development worldwide.  MI has helped government agencies, NGOs and businesses analyze the impact of planning and development initiatives across environmental, economic and social dimensions over the long term.  It offers to work with SMI on projects in order to investigate the impacts of their activities on these three dimensions at the national or regional level.