Partner With Us

SMI welcomes opportunities to partner with organizations and individuals to measure and optimize human assistance results for the benefit of the poor.  We will do our best to respond to good opportunities, offering our participation at discounted rates and, in some instances, for free to worthy programs, noting that, in the near term, our capacities are limited although we intend to make them elastic.

Charities and Social Programs

Consider working with us to:

  • Identify existing or new programs or productivity improvements that yield good, risk-adjusted results for the poor
  • To calculate the SROIs on programs or improvements and make requests for funds highlighting the SROI results
  • To find ways to guarantee results for funders


Consider working with us:

  • To use SROI analysis to measure, require, monitor, or fund good risk-adjusted results for the poor
  • To develop methods for tracking and incentivizing funded programs to optimize benefits per costs realized by poor beneficiaries
  • To pool and possibly actively manage a portfolio of donations – possibly alongside for-profit or social impact funds

Philanthropic Advisors and Charity Market Makers

Allow us to submit and/or recommend for inclusion in your portfolio high SROI projects explicitly framed as such, using cross-project SROI comparisons and possibly backed by performance guarantees

Universities and Research Organizations

  • Allow us to share our vision and activities in classrooms
  • Work with us to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of human assistance programs or approaches you are studying
  • Collaborate on other theoretical or practical demonstration research projects in domains where our interests and expertise are relevant

Consulting Firms

Partner with us on government and other projects that advance our tax-exempt purposes.  We enjoy participating in writing proposals at our own risk and cost.

Disadvantaged, Poor Individuals

We are willing to be contacted by a few individuals to see if we can provide strategies and incentives for them to advance themselves.


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