Funder Services

SMI works with funders to help inform them about the good accomplished by their donations.  We perform the functions below so they are equipped to measure and optimize the social return on investment/donation (SROI) of their contributions and grants.

  • Measure and Value Results 

We assist funders in framing and estimating the value their funded programs are likely to create for beneficiaries relative to cost and risk. 

We work with funders to find cost-effective ways to monitor and evaluate the benefits their funds actually generate for ultimate beneficiaries.

  • Evaluate Charity Programs

We independently evaluate charity programs.  We investigate expected and, where feasible, actual results realized by beneficiaries and society at large relative to program costs and risks as well as other factors.  Learn More.

  • Manage and Advise Donation Portfolios

We offer to help our clients create and manage a portfolio of donations with the explicit goal of maximizing and tracking the portfolio’s social return.  Learn More.

SMI is connected with an organization that intends to set up an SROI Optimization Portfolio within the coming months.  Funders interested in contributing at least $5,000 to this portfolio, are invited to contact SMI to learn more.  SMI may support this fund by providing SROI assessment, consulting and other services, as needed.

  • Design/R&D

We work with funders to research best methods and programs for addressing particular needs of the poor.  We design mechanisms to obtain information about the efficacy of those methods or programs, relative to costs and risks, and to improve productivity over time.

While many organizations offer similar services, we specialize in helping organizations design tools that have appropriate cost-to-accuracy levels for their needs and funds.  We bring decades of experience to this task and offer to do much of this work for free or at very low cost.  Learn More.