SMI understands analytically and knows intimately the art of measuring the value of proposed human assistance initiatives relative to risk and cost.  SMI senior staff members have been doing cost benefit analysis, strategic planning and productivity improvement consulting for service suppliers and high level US Government clients for over 40 years. Learn More

Over the past 18 years, SMI has completed around 20 comprehensive benefits-to-costs analyses of charitable programs in widely diverse program areas.  It has also participated in around 100 other cursory SROI examinations.  It has developed executable strategic plans for service suppliers which identified cost-effective productivity improvements and high SROI marginal programs and is currently providing strategic advice to a start-up organization.

SMI’s fundraising assistance capabilities include preparing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) style of fundraising requests for Wall Street donors, serving as a third party evaluator/expert for presentations to private foundations, consulting organizations on their annual reports to donors and linking SROI analyses to value-for-funds requests.

SMI is eclectic and is glad to alter its preferred approaches when it is appropriate to do so. SMI’s approach to cooperating with other organizations creates a comparative advantage and is a manifestation of this nimbleness.  The following examples of our past and current products illustrate the creativity and competence we attempt to bring to our work:

  • A precise, quantified statement of a private foundation’s giving plans and objectives
  • A third party backed guarantee of results
  • SROI framing and calculation for numerous charities
  • An agreement between a charity and SMI to provide actual results information for donors
  • An evaluation and donation recommendation for a charity
  • A plan for a private foundation to accept charity donations and establish a high SROI portfolio of results that is actively managed
  • A listing of SROIs and charity project ratings that can be compared and used for donation choices
  • Value-for-results funding requests for retail donors, private foundations, and government agencies
  • An example of how a new program can be SROI-driven and attain high SROIs
  • A significant request for funds in a financial markets Private Placement Memorandum format
  • An SROI assessment on SMI’s work for another charity