SMI was established to help charities find inexpensive ways to measure the value they create for those in need and to help funders obtain this information for use in their giving.  SMI’s founder observed that virtually no program he supported reported to donors their cost-effectiveness in generating lasting improvements in the lives of their clients, particularly in terms that allowed a comparison with similar programs.  SMI has sought to change this reality by promoting and assisting the regular tracking of program cost-effectiveness and by helping organizations and funders find ways to optimize the impact of their efforts. 

Still a young organization, SMI has performed SROI analysis or provided strategic consulting to approximately 20 organizations.  Its first client was a literacy organization for which SMI conducted a study of the value of major results realized by beneficiaries.  SMI also helped this client identify means of raising its SROIs by around 50%, significantly lowering its risks.

SMI continues to serve non-profit clients while expanding its service offering to social enterprises, impact investors and funders and investors supporting efforts to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. 

SMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered in Washington DC (USA).