Our services help focus attention and resources on programs doing the most good.


We help our clients find and implement useful, cost-effective ways to quantify the value they generate for disadvantaged people.

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Economists define “optimize” as “to maximize subject to constraints.” We consult funders on ways to realize greater impact per funding dollar in keeping with other objectives. Similarly, we work with non-profits and social enterprises to “optimize” productivity.

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We help cost effective programs connect to funding, whether it be from governments, foundations, investors, or retail donors.

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We partner with experts to develop innovative solutions for tackling root causes of poverty. We work with funders and suppliers of human services to adopt a value driven approach that optimizes benefits to the disadvantaged.

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Education Opportunity Program

The EOP is a mentoring and self-study program which helps low-income students develop college and early career plans andstudents begin realizing those plans using free online coursework offered by Yale, MIT, Stanford and other top schools. The EOP aims to improve students’ chances of getting into the college, internship or job of their choice, gaining scholarships, and thriving in their educations and first jobs.

Students who have mastered material from some of the world’s best universities begin college and their first jobs with a distinct advantage and greater confidence. This is especially true when this mastery is recognized by a third party – in this case SMI – and obtained in a well thought out manner that is linked to an education and career plan.

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